Using the AGS Energy solution over a normal biomass energy supply process for chicken farmers, especially considering the AGS system’s capability to treat and process chicken litter.
The AGS energy systems are small to medium scale for operation on a farm site and modular to adapt to the scale of the chicken farming volumes.
The AGS Energy solution will destroy pathogens such as bird flu and botulism.
The AGS eradicates the chances of humans contracting bird flu as identified in the Guardian newspaper article of 2023.
Use of the char and biochar is significantly beneficial to the agricultural sector, and could be sold as a valuable commodity.
The AGS solution provides a significantly reduced environmental impact and protects against the leaching of chicken litter waste into rivers and waterways as identified by BBC News in January 2024.
The AGS Energy solution substantially improves Biosecurity for the user of these versatile and scalable systems.

Please view this visual explanation;

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