Our Technology

Leaders in Converting Organic Waste to Renewable Energy

The AGS Gasifier has evolved over more than 20 years from a batch process (developed for the BSE and Foot & Mouth crises) to a patent applied, continuous process enabling it to run for up-to 8000 hours a year without interruption.

The AGS technology differs from other gasifier, pyrolysis and hydrolysis technologies because there is no attempt to harvest synthetic gasses for later usage.

In partnership with industry leading technology partners, we have developed a system that is reliable and robust and offers sector leading performance in the conversion of organic waste streams to meaningful renewable energy.

In contrast to its simplicity of construction and installation, the technology is supplied with highly sophisticated hardware and software operating systems.

About AGS Energy

AGS Energy Ltd – Skid Mounted 6 Screw Plant


How the Gasifier Works

AGS Process diagram

Output Energy

Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions = Efficient Thermal Energy Recycling

The Excess thermal energy generated during the auto-thermic gasification process is captured and recycled via our highly innovative heat pipe heat recovery technology.

Heat pipe heat recovery facilitates enormous flexibility enabling the renewable energy to be delivered in a format or range of formats tailored to suit the clients needs.

As a result, there are fewer components, fewer processes and less energy loss/wastage.

This equates to : lower CAPEX, lower OPEX and better energy conversion efficiency.